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The 17th of April TEDxUtrechtUniversity 2012 took place. We are very proud to tell you the event was a big success! Missed it? Here you can watch the recordings of the talks and performances. Photo's are posted on

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So, this was TEDxUtrechtUniversity 2012 ‘creating a social world’. We are very proud to tell you the event was a big success. To share some facts: 12 speakers shared their ideas, 2 hosts guided us through the day by introducing the speakers and asking them questions afterwards, 7 artists performed and a great audience listened, got inspired, shared their dreams and met new people. Our youngest guest was born in 1991, our least youngest guest was born in 1933. Kevin, Jantine, Jannes, Luuk, Jefferson, Marthe and Horia welcomed en accompanied the guests during the day in a special way. The guys from Self Made Miracle have built this website and maintained it in way that was exceptional. The Social Reporters covered the whole day on twitter, facebook and camera. Actually we were trending topic on twitter for almost the whole day :) Martin and Yorrick of LectureNet taped the talks and this was streamed to at least 10 simulcast locations. Furthermore there were several hundreds of people watching online. The venue ‘Vorstelijk Complex’ and its catering ‘The Colour Kitchen’ was a beautiful place to perch. And last but certainly not least a great thanks to Peter Linde and Codrin Kruijne need to be made. At the Utrecht School of Governance they organize a course called ‘Social Entrepreneurship as Challenge’. At this course the idea of organizing a TEDx event arose. And now we know where it has brought us :)

As I mentioned during the closing of TEDxUtrechtUniversity 2012 it is my believe that this event on Social Entrepreneurship could be a starting point for a lot of great initiatives. Please let us know what TEDxUtrechtUniversity has brought you!

Lubbert de Boer

On behalf of the TEDxUtrechtUniversity team 2012

Social Entrepreneurship

There are various definitions of Social Entrepreneurship to be found, coming from business and academic sector. What can be seen as their central shared idea is the fact, that Social Entrepreneurship as a term implies the meaning itself. The category seeks to create social values while keeping business and financial principles in its core. No longer are businesses measured and evaluated by their financial records only, the main motive driving these enterprises and people standing behind them is found in a social value creation.

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